Thameslink viaduct installed above Borough High Street

Timelapse footage of the new Borough Viaduct that was lifted into place on 2 May has been released by Network Rail.

It forms part of the £6bn Thameslink upgrade and cuts through Borough High Street and the market.

Martin Jurkowski, Network Rail's project director leading the London Bridge redevelopment, said:

"The new Borough Viaduct will double the number of tracks coming out of the western end of London Bridge station, unlocking a major bottleneck and allowing us to provide two dedicated tracks for Thameslink services.

"It is a hugely important milestone in our plans to deliver modern stations, more trains and better journeys to and through the heart of London."

The uniquely-designed bridge, which is 72m long, 6m high and weighs 1,200 tonnes, will be completed this weekend.

Impressive numbers and, no doubt, it is an impressive technical achievement. However, it is worth remembering that some houses were demolished to make way for it.

So, not everyone, not least the former residents of those houses, will think 'impressive' is the right word for it.