Jilted fiancee jailed after hiring hitman in revenge

A jilted fiancee has been jailed for 16 years for paying a hitman to gun down her ex-lover after he dumped her.

The victim was shot in the spine in north-west London on his way to work after Samantha Cadge plotted the revenge attack.

Cadge, 26, helped by friend Shane Worrall, paid Marwan Goodridge to carry out the shooting.

Despite a number of operations and months of treatment, the victim has been left confined to a wheelchair.

'Instigated shooting'

Cadge handed out pictures of her target to 24-year-old Goodridge, who shot the victim, whose identity is protected, with a sawn-off shotgun outside his home.

Cadge was jailed on Wednesday at Kingston Crown Court after being found guilty last month of causing grievous bodily harm (GBH) or conspiracy to cause GBH with intent, Scotland Yard said.

Worrall, 30, and Goodridge face 14 and 18-year jail terms respectively after being jointly charged with conspiracy to cause GBH with intent.

Police believe Cadge, of Fulham Palace Road, instigated the shooting and Worrall, from Hammersmith, arranged for Goodridge to be paid.

Worrall also transported Goodridge, from Acton, to the scene of the shooting.

The attack, in the early hours of 25 November 2010, came more than a year after the victim ended his relationship with Cadge.

A police spokesman said: "He had previously lived with Cadge at her family home.

Photographs of victim

"While police inquiries continued into the shooting, a separate inquiry resulted in a drugs search being carried out at a property in Acton on 8 December.

"A sawn-off shotgun was found together with details of the victim and photographs of him. Also found was clothing matching that worn by the gunman."

Police were able to link Goodridge to Cadge and Worrall and show contact between them at crucial times.

The spokesman said: "The photographs of the victim were found to have Cadge's and Worrall's fingerprints on them and a hand-written note found in Worrall's flat had been shown to be written by Cadge."

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