Man admits sending 'Somali Three' terror funding

A Londoner who was caught with numerous jihadist videos has admitted sending cash to Somalia for terror training.

Shabaaz Hussain, 28, from Stepney, east London, confessed to seven counts of fundraising for terrorists at Woolwich Crown Court.

He admitted sending nearly £9,000 so three British men - Muhammed Jahangir, Tufual Ahmed and Mohammed Shahim - could be trained in east Africa.

The court heart it meant the "Somali Three" could be fed and clothed there.

'Foreign fighters'

Police secretly recorded conversations Hussain had with an associate in a car, before recovering "vast quantities" of extremist materials in his home, the court heard.

It took police two days to process all the extremist material, which included CDs, DVDs and documents.

The hoard included 26 speeches by extremist preacher Abu Hamza, the court heard.

Sarah Whitehouse, prosecuting, told the judge: "The prosecution case is that in a period between April 2010 and September 2010 this defendant transferred funds to three associates who were engaged in terrorist activities in Somalia.

"The total amount transferred was just over 14,000 US dollars (£8,900) during that period of time.

"There are a large number of foreign fighters in Somalia who are fighting for an emirate of Islam."

The court heard the home Hussain shared with his parents and brothers also contained a video of Osama bin Laden berating the US, and jihadist manifestos.

'Quiet young man'

Ms Whitehouse said of the four: "Their aims are to implement Sharia law in the UK and to convert all non-Muslims."

Imran Khan, defending, said his client was a "quiet young man" of good character.

He argued Hussein should receive a lighter sentence because the funds were not aimed at a specific act of terrorism.

Judge Mr Justice Calvert-Smith said the amount transferred to Somalia was similar to the sum bombers spent carrying out the 7/7 attacks, which cost about £10,000.

Adjourning sentencing to 9 March at Kingston Crown Court, the judge said: "I don't think in a case as serious as this that I can embark on the sentence today."

Hussain denied four counts of providing funds for terrorism and engaging in the preparation of terrorism, which the prosecution said will remain on file.

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