Redbridge mothers tackle youth gangs

A north-east London community group has launched a scheme to support mothers dealing with their children's involvement in gangs.

The Redbridge Education & Social Welfare Support Group is getting women together to find ways of tackling the problem.

Project leader Bushra Tahir witnessed a fight among youths which later led to the murder of one of them.

Mrs Tahir said parents needed help in spotting the warning signs.

She said: "We put our heads together to come up with a way we could do something about the issue of gang violence.

"It is the parents that suffer the most, whether it is the victim's mother who doesn't get to see her child grow up or the mother whose child is sent to prison."

Mrs Tahir said mothers, with the help of experts, would learn to develop ways of communicating with their children to help them if they were getting caught up in gangs.

The group has now been given a £10,000 Big Lottery Fund (BIG) grant.

While the group is primarily helping mothers, Mrs Tahir said there will be sessions for fathers.

She said: "Our vision of success will be to create a safer area to live in, reduce crime and help children get involved in more productive activities.

"Thanks to this award from the Big Lottery Fund we can help these women to break the grip that gangs can take on their sons' and daughters' lives."

A total of 73 projects in London have received BIG grants totalling £626,874.

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