Woolwich murder: Shot cleaver man said soldiers are targets

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Media captionWoolwich attack: 'Disturbing' talk with attacker

A caller to the BBC's radio station for London listened to one of the men shot by police in Woolwich exhorting people to go to Syria to fight, he says.

The man then told the audience outside a community centre in Plumstead it may not be necessary to go "because their soldiers are here".

Abdullah, who spoke on condition only his first name was used, told BBC London 94.9 he would speak to police.

He told the man his views were contrary to the teachings of Islam.

'Success is closer'

In the interview he said he recognised the man seen on television with bloodied hands, named by sources as Michael Adebolajo, as the same man who addressed a group two weeks ago.

He had urged people at the meeting to go to Syria to fight, he said.

He then said 'We may not have to go there because their soldiers are here', said Abdullah, 37.

He had added: "Success is closer than you think."

Abdullah, who would occasionally see the man he knew as Mujahid in Lewisham, said he last saw him on 10 May and spent a long time arguing with him saying his views were opposed by Islamic teachings.

He said: "These people are so deluded that even Muslims aren't safe.

"The frightening thing is that there are more of them out there."

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