Protest after three cyclists killed in three weeks

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Protest cycle ride
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The protest cyclists started at Russell Square

Pro-bike campaigners have staged a protest after three cyclists were killed on London roads in three weeks.

Five people have died this year, including Philippine Degerin-Ricard on 5 July, and a man killed on Monday. Both were hit by lorries.

BBC London transport correspondent Tom Edwards said hundreds of cyclists took part in the protest ride on Tuesday.

Last Friday, 1,500 people rode through Aldgate to protest about the lack of safe space for cyclists.

The protests have been organised by London Cycling Campaign (LCC) which wants "swift and radical steps" taken to redesign the streets so it was safer for cyclists.

LCC head Ashok Sinha said the cyclists most recently killed had all been on busy roads that provided no dedicated space for cycling.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has proposed a £913m plan for cycling, dubbed a "Crossrail for bikes", which would include segregated cycle tracks. But the route is not expected to be completed until 2016.

Transport for London is testing eye-level traffic lights for cyclists.

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