Mark Duggan inquest: Met officer denies planting gun

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Media captionThe officer told an inquest he found a gun behind a wall about 10ft from where Duggan was shot

A firearms commander has told an inquest it is "absolutely outrageous" to suggest he planted a gun found close to Mark Duggan.

Michael Mansfield QC asked the police witness, identified as Z51, if he had seen an officer with the gun, to which he replied he had not.

Mr Duggan, 29, was shot by police in Tottenham, north London. His death in August 2011, sparked riots.

Z51 said no officer had entered the minicab after Mr Duggan was shot.

The jury has been told it will hear claims a police officer removed the illegal handgun from the minicab after Mr Duggan was shot and planted the weapon on the grass behind the wall.

Gun 'behind wall'

A video of the aftermath of the shooting taken from flats opposite the scene in Ferry Road, Tottenham, has been shown to the court.

It showed a police officer in a white shirt disappearing behind the minicab for around 11 seconds, on the side Mr Duggan had left the vehicle.

Mr Mansfield, who is representing the Duggan family, said: "I'm suggesting this man in a white shirt does something on the other side of the minicab, gets in or something."

Z51 said he had not seen anyone enter the minicab or anything go over the fence.

When questioned whether he had planted the gun found near Mr Duggan, Z51 said it was an "outrageous suggestion...I wouldn't be involved in something like that".

The coroner, Judge Keith Cutler, suggested to witness Z51 the gun may have been thrown from the minicab, to which Z51 said the gun could have been raised at police.

Earlier, he told the inquest he had heard officers say they could not find a weapon so he decided to look behind a wall and found a gun.

Image caption Mark Duggan was shot dead in Tottenham in August 2011, sparking riots that spread across England

Z51 was travelling in a control vehicle and saw police intercept Mr Duggan - but did not witness the shooting because officers were blocking his view.

He told the Royal Courts of Justice, in Westminster, that he did not hear anyone shout "put the gun down", when Mr Duggan was stopped by police.

The firearms commander said however, he had heard armed officers from CO19 say "stand still" and "hands up".

Z51 told the inquest he could not see a gun in Mr Duggan's hand as he could only see the top of his head.

'Establish full facts'

In the video, Z51 was seen walking behind a wall to where the gun was allegedly found about 10-20ft (three to six metres) from where Mr Duggan was shot.

The video also showed another officer, known as R31, climbing over the fence and walking towards the spot where an illegal handgun was allegedly found.

Z51 was also asked if he had told his superior Mr Duggan had come at officers firing.

"That was news to me," he said.

"I certainly didn't think that for one minute."

The inquest, which began on 17 September, is seeking to establish the full facts surrounding Mr Duggan's death.

It is aiming to ensure any discreditable conduct is exposed, any dangerous practices are uncovered and suspicion of deliberate wrongdoing, if unjustified, is allayed.

The inquest continues.

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