Metropolitan Police 'drops' half of property crime cases

The Metropolitan Police stopped investigating almost half of all reported property crimes last year, a right-leaning think tank has said.

Policy Exchange analysed Scotland Yard's crime figures.

It said the Met "dropped" 97,000 investigations into 197,000 reported property crimes, including robbery and burglary, during 2013.

This included about 70% of robberies that were logged by police as "no further action at this time".

About 2% of cases resulted in criminals being jailed, Policy Exchange said its research suggested.

'Truly shocking'

It was based on police figures published on the website

Tottenham Labour MP David Lammy said: "Victims of property crime must be reassured that the police are doing everything possible to catch and convict those responsible.

"Burglary or robbery doesn't simply result in financial loss. It can have long-lasting emotional effects."

Max Chambers, head of crime and justice at Policy Exchange, said: "These figures are truly shocking. The fact that no action was taken on nearly half of all incidents last year is unacceptable."

A Met spokeswoman said: "The Metropolitan Police Service does not drop crimes. All crimes that are reported to police are investigated.

"Where we are unable to pursue investigations either because there are no realistic leads or proportionate lines of inquiry, then the case will be closed.

"Should additional information come to light then the allegation of crime will be reviewed and reopened if appropriate."

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