Chiswick Bridge 'vanishes' from Google Maps

Chiswick Bridge 'vanishes' Image copyright Google Maps
Image caption Google Maps sent those relying on the system on an unnecessary five-mile detour

Drivers were sent on a five-mile detour when a bridge temporarily "vanished" from Google Maps.

Chiswick Bridge, in west London, disappeared over the weekend, although other bridges nearby did not.

During the fault, drivers were sent on long diversions over neighbouring Kew Bridge, despite the "missing" bridge still being in use.

The error was fixed on Monday - two days after its absence was noted. Google has declined to comment.

BBC Travel reporter Rob Oxley first noticed the bridge had disappeared on Saturday after he was contacted about roadworks which had closed the bridge on previous weekends.

"I went to check something on the map when I noticed that it had vanished," he said.

"I'd already looked at the CCTV camera to check for roadworks so could see the bridge was still there."

"It actually could have sent anyone who relied on Google Maps for directions on a long diversion, as their route planning software was also ignoring the bridge."

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