Waiting list for 'naked' London restaurant hits 30,000

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Image caption Diners will be taken back to a "Pangea-like world", the restaurant's owners say

Almost 30,000 people have signed up to dine at a new London restaurant where they can eat without wearing clothes.

Visitors to The Bunyadi will wear only gowns which they can remove "if they wish" as they sample stripped back food cooked without any modern gadgets.

Owners Lollipop said they were "amazed" by the interest in the "fascinating social experiment" that will take diners to a "Pangea-like world".

The restaurant will open for three months in central London in June.

Upon arrival, diners will head to changing rooms where they will place all their belongings in lockers and be given the gowns to wear.

Once in the restaurant, they will be seated in sections partitioned by bamboo and lit only by candlelight, where they will be able to strip "if they wish".

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Image caption Groups of diners will be separated by bamboo partitions and lit by candlelight

Founder Seb Lyall said he wanted people to "experience a night out without any impurities" including, chemicals, electricity, gas and "even no clothes".

Technology such as phones and watches will also be banned.

A spokesperson for Lollipop said the trickiest part of the restaurant was the cuisine.

All food will be basic and cooked by chefs using only a wooden stick over an open fire.

Image copyright Lollipop
Image caption The owners say the space will be "void of the industrialised-world's modern trappings"

A tasting menu of five vegan or non-vegan dishes will be served on handmade clay dishes and eaten using edible cutlery, which will become part of one of the courses.

For safety reasons, the chefs will not be naked.

In spite of the size of the waiting list, Lollipop said The Bunyadi will make a loss while it is open.

However, if it proves popular they hope to expand the idea and possibly even create a new "naked cuisine".

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Image caption Being a processed food, donuts will not be served

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