Londoners give new police chief to-do list

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With the announcement that the new Metropolitan Police Commissioner is Cressida Dick, what do Londoners think her top priorities should be?


Burglary too high in parts

Chris Underhill, 68, said: "The main priorities would be to maintain safety for Londoners and not just terror but people not being burgled.

"There are parts of London where burglary is too high. Whether that's about coppers on the beat or more intelligence I don't know, but it seems that is what will give Londoners confidence."

They do a good job

Jane Osborn, 50, said: "I think there should be more [police officers] on the streets but apart from that I think they do a good job.

"I got burgled about six years ago and a lady came around straight away."

More patrols in residential areas

Retail manager Jamal Springer, 32, said: "In more residential parts there could be a bit more patrolling in the evening. They used to do that more in Ealing at about 21:00.

"I think a bit of presence in the evening really helps. It might not stop all crimes but it does deter criminals."

No second chances for racists

Retired actor Derek Hunt, 85, said: "Any racist business should be punished. They should be very disciplinarian about it. Anyone racist should be out of the police. No second chances.

"There should be more money put into the police. The cuts are wrong.

"We pay police money in our council tax, where is it going?"

Keep up the good job

Sales assistant Beau Meadows, 26, said: "I don't think they are too bad at the moment. I see them a lot.

"I just want them to keep up with that. I've been fortunate not to need them. "