Jailed 'Silent Bomber' had explosives recipe in cell

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Mohammed RehmanImage source, Thames Valley Police

A would-be bomber jailed for plotting a terror attack has been given a further three years for possessing information on how to make an explosive.

A recipe was found on a handwritten folded sheet of A4 in a cupboard during a search of Mohammed Rehman's cell.

The 26-year-old was previously jailed for planning an attack on the 10th anniversary of the July 7 bombings.

He admitted possessing a recipe to make an explosive known as HMTD at the Old Bailey on Friday.

Rehman and his now ex-wife Sana Ahmed Khan, 24, were found guilty in 2015 for plotting the attack after becoming inspired by so-called Islamic State following their marriage in October 2013.

Calling himself the "Silent Bomber", Rehman went online to ask Twitter users for suggestions on which target to choose - London's Westfield shopping centre or the Tube.

A little over a month after he was sentenced, in February 2016, the sheet of paper with the "credible recipe" for 50 grams of HMTD was discovered in his Belmarsh prison cell.


Prosecutor Steven Gray said Rehman claimed he had written the document in the knowledge his cell would be searched, and its discovery would result in him being put into segregation or moved to a different prison.

Rehman has further claimed he felt uncomfortable and a "victim of persecution" in Belmarsh, although he had not reported any bullying and had made a number of friends who would come into his cell.

Defending, Benjamin Williams said Rehman had committed the offence in the first month of his sentence adding he should be given credit for pleading guilty at the earliest opportunity.

He is just over a year into a life sentence with a minimum of 27 years. The three years handed down will not add to his time behind bars but will be served concurrently.

Judge John Bevan QC told Rehman - who appeared from Whitemoor prison via video-link - the parole board should consider the second when it came to discuss his potential release from prison.