Actor Emma Watson launches Book Fairies worldwide

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image captionThe actor has previously left books in London and New York

Hollywood actress Emma Watson has launched an international project that will see more than 1,000 books left in public places for people to enjoy.

The Book Fairies started in London with the Books on the Underground project, but has now spread to 26 countries.

The books, by feminist authors including Caitlyn Moran and Maya Angelou, are being left as part of International Women's Day.

They all include a handwritten note from the Harry Potter actor.

In it, she wrote she hoped the reader would enjoy the book, and urged them to leave it in a public place afterwards for others to find.

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image captionEmma Watson sent a tweet to launch the project
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image captionThe project has been running in London since 2012
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The books are selections from her book club, Our Shared Self, which she started last year.

The actor has described it as a public library lending system.

"The idea is make people love reading again and to spread the love, like random acts of kindness," she said.

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image captionBooks have been left in Japan
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image captionBooks were left by a mural in Singapore depicting a Samsui woman, one of a group who left their families behind to work in the 1930s
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image captionBooks were also left in Delhi

Books on the Underground started in 2012 and leaves about 250 books in stations across London each week.

Cordelia Oxley, who runs the project, said: "I am so excited to see these amazing books popping up around the world.

"We have a team of international book fairies, New Zealand to Dubai, who are going to share these Our Shared Self books today.

"This is a great way to mark International Women's Day and we hope to have a lot of fun with it."

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image captionA book fairy is taking part in Budapest
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image captionThese were left in Dubai

Abeer, a 26-year old Filipina blogger based in Dubai, said: "I have superpowers today, running around town dropping books without feeling exhausted because there's too much joy in my heart! I saw someone picked it up and I'm telling you this feels priceless!"

Amatullah, in Kenya, said: "It's the most exhausting yet exhilarating experience I have ever had. The smiles on everyone's faces when they pick it up are priceless."

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