Woman jailed for mowing down cyclist over mobile phone row

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Media captionJustine Henshaw-Bryan pursued her victim before ploughing into him

A woman who deliberately ploughed into a cyclist after being confronted about using her mobile phone behind the wheel has been jailed for three years.

Justine Henshaw-Bryan chased Damien Doughty through Stoke Newington, north London, sending him flying into a tree.

Henshaw-Bryan, who is due to give birth in November, said her then boyfriend told her to follow the cyclist, but the judge rejected her claim.

Mr Doughty, 38, was badly hurt, spending three days in intensive care.

Sentencing 25-year-old Henshaw-Bryan at Wood Green Crown Court, Judge Gregory Perrins said her actions could have killed Mr Doughty.

"This was a calculated attempt to run him over and use your car as a weapon," the judge said.

"It would have been obvious that to do so would have carried significant risk of injury."

The court heard how the pair nearly collided on Stoke Newington High Street on 10 February 2016, when Henshaw-Bryan pulled out in front of the cycle courier while using her mobile.

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Image caption Justine Henshaw-Bryan is due to give birth in November

Mr Doughty confronted the driver over her use of the phone, at which point she shouted at him, the court heard.

Angered by the exchange, he kicked her wing mirror when they met at the next set of lights.

He was then chased down Victorian Grove and hit by Henshaw-Bryan's car.

Mr Doughty was left with a number of serious injuries, the court was told.

Henshaw-Bryan, from Hackney, who was driving with her then boyfriend in the car, claimed it was he who grabbed the wheel and aimed the car at Mr Doughty.

She alleged she had been a victim of domestic violence while in the relationship, but Judge Perrins said he did not accept she had been frightened of her boyfriend.

Henshaw-Bryan, who was found guilty of causing serious injury by dangerous driving, was also banned from driving for four-and-a-half years.

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