Fox on a hot London roof trends on Twitter

The fox on Tom Bell's roof Image copyright Tom Bell
Image caption One Twitter used asked if the report was coming from Fox News

Pictures of a "suspiciously relaxed" fox sunbathing on a roof in London have become a trending moment on Twitter.

The wily vulpine crept up a fire escape onto a rooftop near Finsbury Park on Sunday before settling on a blanket to enjoy the evening sun.

Actor Tom Bell said he took the first tentative pictures of the fox through his kitchen window to avoid scaring it.

But in the end he was up close and said: "We probably could have petted it, it was so unfazed by us."

Image copyright Tom Bell
Image caption The fox did not seem to mind as Tom crept closer and closer
Image copyright Tom Bell
Image caption Tom's friend Steve paid a visit on hearing of the unusual guest and brought along his guitar
Image copyright Tom Bell
Image caption Urged by one Twitter user to "bring him some tea where are your manners", Tom obliged

Pictures of the urban fox have been shared tens of thousands of times by animal lovers, with many of them tweeting their own similar experiences using #rooffox.

The building is an old warehouse repurposed for accommodation and the animal climbed up two storeys to bask in the evening sunshine.

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Tom Bell, who has acted in TV shows such as Humans, and Lovesick, said: "You see a lot of them out and about at night but never have I had one so calmly relax on the roof in daylight.

"We gave him some food so hopefully he'll be back. It's been nice to have people share photos of other foxes sunbathing.

"If I had known the tweet would be so popular I would have tidied up a bit."

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