Pride 2019: London Zoo gay penguins join LGBT event

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Penguins at London ZooImage source, LONDON ZOO
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The banners are inspired by Stonewall's Get Over it campaign

Penguins in same-sex relationships at London Zoo have had their beach transformed as they prepare to celebrate Pride next week.

Banners reading "some penguins are gay, get over it" have been propped up at the beach, home to the zoo's most famous gay couple, Ronnie and Reggie.

The pair in 2015 famously adopted a chick abandoned by another couple.

London Pride-inspired Zoo Nights will start on 5 July.

The signage honouring Stonewall's Get Over It campaign will be erected at the 93-strong penguins' beach in Regent's Park.

Ronnie and Reggie, a couple since 2014, live on the beach with fellow gay couples Nadja and Zimmer and Dev and Martin.

Image source, LONDON ZOO
Image caption,
Ronnie, Reggie and Rainbow preparing to celebrate Pride

Ronnie and Reggie hit the headlines in 2015 when they picked up an abandoned egg and acted as if it were their own, incubating and feeding it until the chick, named Kyton, fledged the nest.

They behaved just like heterosexual parents would, London Zoo told the BBC, sharing the tasks equally among themselves.

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Sphengic is being raised in Sea Life Sydney by his same-sex parents

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Four years on and despite Kyton leaving them to join the colony, Ronne and Reggie still "spend all their time together", the zoo said.

The Pride celebrations will last three days, starting with Zoo Nights on Friday 5 July, open to over 18s only and featuring activities aimed at teaching the public about same-sex behaviours in the animal kingdom.

The Zoo's LGBT+ society will then take to the streets of central London to join the Saturday Pride Parade.

There will also be a Rainbow Families event on 7 July, where drag artist Mama G will share positive tales about "being who you are, and loving who you want".

London Zoo said: "We loved Stonewall's campaign and wanted to remind people that same-sex relationships happen across the animal kingdom - even here in our penguin colony at ZSL London Zoo.

"Zoo Nights Pride Takeover is a great opportunity to celebrate diversity while learning about wildlife."