London mayoral race: Green candidate calls for rent freeze

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Sian Berry
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Sian Berry is the Green Party's candidate for mayor of London

Rents in the capital should be frozen and a single transport fare introduced across the city, the Green Party candidate for mayor of London has said.

Launching her campaign, Sian Berry said she would look to introduce a road pricing system as "we need to put some fairer costs on to people who drive".

"We all know business as usual is not the answer," the Green Party co-leader added.

The election for mayor of London will take place on 7 May.

Speaking at the launch in Regent's Park, Ms Berry said "the whole character of London's life and London's economy" needed to change.

Image caption,
Ms Berry has called for a road pricing system to be introduced in the capital

She called for a rent freeze along with "a proper study put in place to find decent levels of rent that landlords can perfectly well do with and which renters can afford".

The Green Party candidate also said transport fares were unfair for those living in outer London, adding that she would create a single flat rate "for the whole of London".

The loss of revenue from changing fares would be covered by drivers through a "smart, fair, privacy-friendly road pricing system", Ms Berry said.

Other candidates intending to run for the mayor of London include:

  • Current mayor Sadiq Khan, who is running for the Labour Party
  • Shaun Bailey, who is running for the Conservatives
  • Siobhan Benita, who is running for the Liberal Democrats
  • Former UKIP politician and Brexit Alliance Group member on the London Assembly, David Kurten
  • Rapper Drillminister
  • Former Tory MP Rory Stewart

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