The Smithy Family quit TikTok after arson attack

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Video captures the TikTok influencers' family car being torched

An influencer has quit TikTok after his home caught fire in an arson attack.

Nick Smith said his wife and children could have been killed in the blaze in Welling, south-east London, on 14 July.

Video footage showed The Smithy Family's home catching fire after their car was set alight by two people. Police are investigating.

In a video posted on The Smithy Family's Facebook page, Mr Smith told followers they were "taking time to fix themselves".

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The car was set alight by two people wearing masks

Announcing The Smithy Family's departure from TikTok, where they have 3.2m followers, Mr Smith said: "I'm sorry it's come to this but we need time for our family to decide if and how we move forwards with social media.

"This past week I've tried filming, I've tried getting in the spirit of it, but at the minute the happy bit has gone. It's been taken away."

He added: "It's not fun for my family any more, so I don't know where this will go. All I have to say now is, 'goodnight, beautiful people'."

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Nick Smith said he had spent four months renovating the family home before the arsonists struck

The Met Police has urged people not to carry out their own investigations into the arson attack.

Det Sgt Danny Banks, from the Met's serious and complex investigations unit, said his team had been "working around the clock" to find out what happened.

He added: "My heartfelt sympathies go out to them during what has been an unimaginably difficult time. I thank them for their continued support as inquiries are ongoing.

"This incident has been well publicised and, whilst we appreciate that the public wish to support the family, we ask that all information is provided to us directly."

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