Chorlton has highest proportion of theft claims in UK

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The survey found 8.65% of homes in Chorlton claimed for theft or burglary in 2009

People living in a suburb of Manchester are the most likely to claim for theft on their home insurance, a survey has found.

Chorlton-cum-Hardy's post code, M21, has the highest proportion of theft claims in the UK, comparison website said.

Greater London has 10 of the 20 worst postcodes in the country.

Local councillors have called the survey "unfair, broadbrushed and misleading".

The survey analysed more than 1.1 million insurance inquiries on the site last year.

It found 8.65% of homes in Chorlton claimed for theft or burglary.

'Always a risk'

It also found Blackheath, SE3, and Hammersmith, W6, as the most at-risk postcodes in London for theft-related insurance claims, with 8.17% and 8.06% respectively.

Julie Owens, from the company, said: "The research highlights a broad mix of areas across the north and south of the UK so it is clear that no matter where you live, there is always a risk your home could become a victim of theft."

Councillor Paul Ankers, who represents Chorlton on Manchester City Council, said the report was "unfair, broadbrushed and misleading" as there was a spike in burglaries in the area last year, but they have now reduced.

His colleague Councillor Tony Bethell said he thought the report was misleading because the areas at the top must have a lot of residents with insurance.

He added: "Some of the worse areas in the UK have low insurance take up.

"Chorlton is at the top, partly, because it has wise and careful people in it."

Sgt Steward Chitty, Chorlton's neighbourhood officer, said: "Without knowing how these figures are put together it is difficult to say how accurate they are in terms of actual crime reports.

"I will accept that burglary is an ongoing issue across Manchester and every burglary that takes place is a burglary too many but all crime is coming down year on year."

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