Knee surgery for Stockport's £11m lottery winner

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Peter and Jacqueline Redikin celebrated their win at Old Trafford

A joiner who was forced to give up work 15 years ago because of a knee injury is to splash out on private surgery - after winning £11m on the lottery.

Peter Redikin, from Stockport, thought he had "won a tenner", but had actually scooped £11,178,334 after matching all six numbers in Wednesday's draw.

The 50-year-old - who snapped his cruciate ligament in 1995 - has already cancelled his disability benefits.

Now Mr Redikin and his wife Jacqueline, 48, intend to treat their family.

But surgery to correct his "unstable" knee is also high on the agenda - and Mr Redkin believes it will give him a new lease of life.

Mr Redikin, of Cheadle Heath, said: "I had an accident with my knee, I've not worked since. I can't do anything about it. Well, perhaps I can do something about it now.

"I will be able to do things I haven't been able to do since my accident and can have an active lifestyle again."

Mr Redikin had dropped his wife off at work at a customer call centre when he sat down to check his numbers.

At first he thought he had only won £10 but then realised he had become a millionaire.

"I was shaking like a leaf but I managed to call Jacqueline. She couldn't understand me because I couldn't get my words out and she kept telling me to calm down," he said.

"When I told her we'd won the jackpot she wouldn't believe me and thought I must be wrong."

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Peter Redikin said he would not have to wait til 55 for a new knee joint

Family treats

He said they were still "both in shock" but had started thinking about what to spend some of the jackpot on.

"It feels a bit frightening at the moment. It is good to know we have got security for life but it is all just a bit frightening," he added.

"We are going to treat the family and I want to upgrade my Seat Toledo. I've always wanted a brand new car and have never had the chance to get one."

The couple, who have two sons, warehouse worker Michael, 27, and plasterer Carl, 24, said they also want to go on the Orient Express with the winnings.

The Manchester United fan said he was delighted to be presented with the cheque at the club's Old Trafford stadium.

The winning ticket was bought from Morrisons in Cheadle Heath, with the winning numbers 14, 17, 22, 24, 38 and 43.

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