Row over bus breastfeeding claims in Manchester

Image caption, Ms McKenna says she was only trying to do what was right for D'Marion

A young mother has claimed she was ordered off a Manchester bus because she was breastfeeding her baby.

Lauren McKenna, 22, complained to Stagecoach minutes after the "humiliating experience" in Ancoats on 5 August.

She said the bus driver remained in his seat, while saying to her that unless she did not stop feeding her six-week-old son, she would have to get off.

Stagecoach has denied her claim, saying CCTV shows it did not happen.

But Ms McKenna is adamant she did receive such treatment, saying she felt embarrassed and ashamed for doing "something that was clearly good" for her son, D'Marion.

"My baby was screaming with hunger, he needed feeding and I always make sure I cover my baby and my breast with a blanket.

"I could see the bus driver looking at me through his mirror and I started to feel uncomfortable.

"Then, when he stopped to let two ladies off, he asked me whether I was breastfeeding. I said 'yes' so he told me that 'I had better stop'.

"I said I was allowed to and he replied with 'not on this bus you're not'."

A spokeswoman for Stagecoach Manchester said: "We have now carried out a thorough review of CCTV footage from our buses, based on the information provided to us by the mother concerned, and have also spoken to regular passengers on the route to try and obtain more details about the circumstances involved in this case.

"While we have identified the customer boarding the service as described, the voice-enabled CCTV footage quite clearly shows that there was no dialogue between the mother and the driver."

Ms McKenna said she was aware that Stagecoach was disputing her claim, but said she was still going to pursue the matter with the company.

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