Greater Manchester man shot on way home from church


A man has been shot in the head with an air gun pellet as he walked home from church in Greater Manchester.

The victim, 61, was shot as he walked near Cavendish Mill in Ashton-under-Lyne at 1300 BST on Sunday.

The pellet embedded in the top of his head but his injury was not serious, police said.

Det Con Lisa Ogden said: "This man has every right to walk home safely from church. Instead someone has decided to use him for target practice."

It is not known exactly where the shot came from but it is believed to have come from the direction of one of the properties at Cavendish Mill that face the nearby Ashton Canal.

Ms Ogden said: "Air weapons are just that - weapons. They can cause serious damage or even kill and should never be pointed at a person.

"Not only is this reckless, but it could have been much more serious."

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