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Greater Manchester Metrolink fares to increase by 6%

image captionMetrolink said their fares had been frozen for two years

Passengers using the Greater Manchester Metrolink network will see their tram fares rise by twice the rate of inflation in the new year.

Ticket prices are set to rise by an average of 6% next year, with some fares rising by 7.3%.

Metrolink bosses said the extra cash would pay for improving and expanding the tram network.

They said fares have been frozen for the past two years while "major improvements" were made for passengers.

Councillor Ian Macdonald, Chair of Greater Manchester Integrated Transport Authority (GMITA), said: "For passengers, there is no ideal time to increase fares but any change will always be the least it can be to meet the growing costs of running, improving and expanding the network.

"Members of the authority have considered the proposals in detail and we believe that they represent value for money, while also ensuring that the network can continue to compete with other modes in offering popular, good quality services."

The price hike means an annual season ticket for an adult, from Altrincham to Manchester, will go up from £875 to £930.

In the majority of cases, an adult peak-return fare will increase by 20p and a peak-return for a child by 10p.