Boys, 13, find gun and ammunition in Bury

image captionThe gun had six bullets in its magazine

Two 13-year-old boys have discovered a gun and ammunition while playing in Greater Manchester.

The gun, which police believe is a self-loading pistol, was found on an embankment in Bentley Lane, Bury, at about 1015 BST.

Six bullets were in the magazine and another 26 rounds of ammunition were alongside the gun in a black bag.

Det Sgt Dave Caulfield, of Greater Manchester Police, said the youngsters' discovery was "extremely disturbing".

He added: "Whoever has dumped this clearly has no regard for human life as this weapon, in the wrong hands, could have killed someone.

"Thankfully the children contacted us and we are now working to establish who left the gun there.

"If anyone has any information that can help I would urge them to get in touch."

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