Flixton cystic fibrosis girl, 3, gets swimming award

A three-year-old girl from Greater Manchester with cystic fibrosis has received national recognition for her swimming abilities.

Eva Higgins has been named Amateur Swimming Association Disabled Swimmer of the Year for being able to swim more than 100m, despite her condition.

She has to take 40 pills and needs two hours treatment a day but this is forgotten when she jumps in the pool.

"We want to inspire other children," her mother Penny Higgins said.

Lung infections

The little swimmer was first introduced to the water when she was a couple of months old. Since she has become the youngest child at Aqua Babies to earn 5m, 10m, 15m and 20m badges.

"When Eva was born we were told that the very best thing we could do for her was to get her exercising and her lungs exercising," her mother said.

"Our son was already at Aqua Babies so we thought we would take her too.

"She just got into the pool, no crying or anything - she just went from strength to strength."

Eva is prone to lung and chest infections which means she has to miss the odd swimming lesson.

"She gets very frustrated, but she does understand there are times when she can't do it.

"When she next gets in the pool she's absolutely busting to get in, she's in a world of her own, she wouldn't stop until you told her to stop.

"When you see the looks on other people's faces when she jumps in and she bobs back up again.

"They find it hard to believe that someone so small can bob back up again."

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