Greater Manchester fire service to cut 200 firefighters

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Up to 200 firefighters and 100 back office staff are expected to lose their jobs across Greater Manchester over the next three years.

Due to widespread cuts from government, and a settlement that is worse than first feared, the fire authority has revealed that posts need to go.

The fire authority stressed the number of emergency call outs had dropped by 50% in the past few years.

It said there would not be any mass sackings.

'Less work'

Councillor Derek Heffernan, a member of the fire authority, stated the decisions in a letter after a question was submitted to Oldham Council last week.

He said that despite the lack of cash, the service "was ready for this" and had a three-year plan ready.

Fire stations will not be closed and there will be 22 new appliances introduced over the next year.

He said that avoidable deaths had reached an all-time low and the fire service could not "justify keeping the same size workforce doing less work".

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