Manchester Libyan ex-pat's brother killed in Benghazi

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Abdelatif Sharif, a Libyan in Manchester, said he was shocked to hear his brother had been shot dead

A Libyan expatriate in Manchester has spoken of the pain of losing his brother and cousin in the protests against Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

Abdelatif Sharif discovered on Sunday that both men had died at the hands of security forces in Benghazi.

"They gave their souls for their country and for freedom," he said.

"I have mixed feelings. I have lost my best brother but there are people who are saying after 42 years the regime must go," he added.

Mr Sharif, who runs a takeaway restaurant in Moss Side, said his brother Abdul had been shot and he had word his cousin was also killed but he did not know how he met his death.

"I was upset before the news seeing my people being killed in cold blood like they were animals with no mercy at all," he said.

"Then last night I got a call at 10 from my wife that my brother had been shot and I was shocked. After that when I spoke to my relatives they confirmed that my cousin had also been killed.

"I feel proud and I wish I was with them."

He said wanted to go back and help but that his business and family life made that difficult.

Five hundred people in Manchester, which has the UK's largest expatriate Libyan community, staged a demonstration outside the BBC's HQ in Oxford Road starting in the late afternoon. There has also been a smaller protest in Liverpool.

In a televised address, Gaddafi's son Saif blamed Libyans who live abroad for causing unrest.