The Road Ahead: Potholes in Greater Manchester

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Send your pothole photos to:

Freezing winter conditions have made potholes a particular problem for all the councils in Greater Manchester.

BBC Manchester is looking at the state of the region's roads and would like your photographs of some of the worst potholes and ruts.

The government has said it will be putting aside £100m for councils to bid for if they felt they had been badly hit by potholes.

However, many authorities say that, in the light of council cuts, they have no choice but to cut back on fixing the roads even though they have a duty to do so.

The BBC has been researching how much money is being spent on road maintenance across England.

The Road Ahead will look at the issue on radio, on television and online on Monday 28 February 2011.

Your photos

We would like your help to create a gallery of potholes to show the current situation in Greater Manchester.

Please send your photos - along with your name and details of when and where the picture was taken - to: BBC Manchester Online.

And if your council has repaired a pothole promptly after it was reported, tell us about that too.

NB: When taking photographs, at no time should you endanger yourself or others, take any unnecessary risks or infringe any laws.

On Monday 28 February 2011, Inside Out is looking at the state of the region's roads (BBC One, 1930 GMT)

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