Patterns perform in BBC Philharmonic studio

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Electro indie four piece Patterns have said performing an acoustic song in the BBC Philharmonic's studio was "crazy".

The band, who released their debut EP in 2010, recorded the song with music video bloggers Manchester Scenewipe, who arranged the use of the venue.

Patterns singer Ciaran McAuley said the band had had "a great time" making the short film.

He said the room "had the most incredible reverb, so singing into it sounded great".

The performance was filmed by Toby Potter and Sam Alder of Manchester Scenewipe, who contacted BBC Introducing in Manchester producer Chris Long with the idea.

The pair had seen the studio while visiting BBC North to take part in the BBC Radio Manchester programme and were keen to use it for one of their one-take films.

Mr Long said that he jumped at the idea and was "more than happy to make the calls and arrange for this to happen".

"Patterns were due in for a session a couple of weeks later, so they seemed like the obvious choices to be involved," he said.

'A real experience'

Mr McAuley said that the band had agonised over which song to play, but were really happy with the film.

"As a lot of our sound is very dependent on electronics, it took us a while to figure out exactly what would translate into a more acoustic setting," he said.

"Throwing Stones has a lot of space in it as a song so it seemed the obvious choice for that kind of room.

"We were really happy with how it came out.

Speaking about the experience, the singer said that the band had been overwhelmed by the experience.

"We had a great time, the philharmonic orchestra room was such an amazing space to record in," he said.

"It just had the most incredible reverb, so singing into it sounded great.

"You really got a sense of how finely tuned the space was and that made performing in it really fun.

"We've been in studios quite a bit, but we've definitely never been in a room like that.

"The size of it alone made the whole thing a bit crazy.

"We'd definitely love to play somewhere like that again, it was a real experience."

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