Father upset by Manchester school's 'Victorian' wall of shame

Josie Robinson
Image caption Josie Robinson was in tears after seeing her picture on the wall of shame

The father of a 15-year-old girl who appeared on a so-called wall of shame at her school in south Manchester has hit out at the "Victorian" methods.

Chorlton High School put up pictures of year 10 pupils teachers believed had behaved badly. Children singled out for praise were placed on the wall of fame.

Its head teacher said the scheme was designed to motivate pupils.

Carlo Robinson, whose daughter Josie was put on the wall after missing lessons, wants to make a complaint.

The teenager had been missing school and turning up late because she was upset that her mother was ill.

She said: "When I first saw the picture up of me I thought it was embarrassing because nobody wants to see their picture with the word 'shame' above it."

'Victorian times'

Mr Robinson added: "She's not one for crying really - but she was in tears.

"She couldn't tell me at first - it took her about an hour- because she wasn't sure what I would think of it.

"When she told me I was really shocked.

"I contacted at least 20 friends over the next day or so and they all agreed it was the wrong the thing to do - it's like Victorian times."

In a statement, the school said the scheme - which has since ended - was created in conjunction with pupils in the school's year 10 student council.

Head teacher Andy Park said: "We've successfully used a similar scheme in the past with Year 11 students to incentivise pupils and it really did make a difference - pupils took it in the right spirit and were motivated by it to improve their performance.

"Obviously this latest scheme wasn't intended to cause offence to pupils. It was actually developed with the Year 10 Pupil Council who wanted to make an impact with their peer group - to praise the students moving forwards successfully and to work to support pupils who needed to make improvements.

"No parents have complained directly to the school and I'd be very happy to meet with any parents to discuss further."

Mr Robinson told the BBC he had contacted the school to schedule a meeting with the head teacher.

A spokesperson for Manchester City Council said the school had offered Mr Robinson several appointments and a meeting was scheduled for next week.

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