Pornpilai Nehls murder: Mother pays tribute

Pornpilai Nehls
Image caption Tui Srisoi said her daughter was a talented artist

The mother of a 28-year-old woman who was suffocated by her husband in Greater Manchester has paid tribute to her "beautiful" daughter.

Pornpilai Nehls, who had a two-year-old daughter, was killed at her home in Maple Crescent, Leigh on 26 April.

Her husband Rickie La-Touche, also known as Rickie Nehls, was found guilty of her murder at Preston Crown Court on Wednesday.

He was jailed for life and ordered to serve a minimum of 12 years in prison.

'Big heart'

Ms Nehls's mother, Tui Srisoi, said: "[It is] a mother's worst nightmare: to have your only daughter fall in love, marry and move to a country the other side of the world.

"Then to hear by telephone she has been brutally killed by the man to whom you entrusted her, your son-in-law.

"Although small in stature she had a big heart and brought happiness to her friends and family.

"She was also a talented artist and a loving mother to her daughter, aged only two years. She will be sorely missed."

Senior investigating officer Andy Tattersall from Greater Manchester Police said: "This is a tragic case where a young woman's life has been taken at the hands of her husband.

"Unfortunately, we may never know exactly what happened that morning, but I hope that La-Touche's sentence is of some small comfort to Pornpilai's family and friends.

"La-Touche will now also have to live the rest of his life with the awful knowledge that he is responsible for killing his wife."

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