Leigh air rifle warning after animals shot

Wigan Council has warned about the use of air rifles following several reports of animals and birds being shot in public parks.

The incidents took place in a number of parks in Leigh in April.

Sally Wolstencroft, from Wigan Council, said gun users were taking part in "some kind of sick sport".

The council has warned it is illegal to use or uncover an air rifle in a public place and that air rifles are "not a toy but a lethal weapon".

Ms Wolstencroft added: "While some gun enthusiasts may simply be unaware of their legal responsibilities, recent local cases suggest others are openly flouting the law.

"Sadly, there is also a small minority of gun users who consider inflicting pain on wildlife as some kind of sick sport.

"We do not want to worry the public unduly - incidents are very rare. But we do urge people to be vigilant and report to the police anyone using a firearm in our parks and open spaces or targeting pets and wildlife."

Although you do not need a license to own an air rifle, it is illegal to use or uncover one in a public place.

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