Burnage robberies: Gun put in woman's mouth

A woman was dragged from her bed and had a gun put in her mouth by robbers in Manchester.

The masked gang then ripped earrings and necklaces from her before fleeing from the house in Kingsway, Burnage.

Police are examining whether the raid on 29 May was linked to one in the same road on Tuesday.

In the the latest robbery, the men threatened a woman and her children with a shovel to make her hand over jewellery.

Greater Manchester Police said three men - two black and one white and all wearing balaclavas - struck at the first house at about 23:50 BST.

The woman was taken into a room where her children were sleeping and then threatened.

Intimidate victims

Then at about midnight on Tuesday night, four men forced their way into another house and confronted a woman and her children.

Two of the offenders were white and the other two were black and all four were wearing balaclavas.

Det Con David Kirk said: "Given the fact both robberies happened on the same street and occurred within a two-week period, we are investigating the possibility that the same offenders are responsible.

"What is clear is that on both occasions weapons have been used to intimidate the victims and whoever is responsible we need to catch them.

"Your home is supposed to be a sanctuary, but these families have had their privacy invaded and threatened with violence."

He added: "On the first occasion, the offenders stooped as low as to produce a firearm to deliberately intimidate a woman while her young children were in the house, which is a despicable act.

"The family are now considering selling their house and moving out of the area and no-one should be forced to take such drastic action to avoid violent criminals."

Anyone with information is being urged to contact police or Crimestoppers.

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