Mother 'believes Michael Le Vell raped girl'

Michael Le Vell
Image caption Mr Le Vell's lawyer said the girl had added details to her account to sound "more convincing"

The mother of a girl who says she was raped by Coronation Street's Michael Le Vell has told a court she believes her daughter was "molested and abused" by the actor "on a regular basis".

Mr Le Vell, 48, who is on trial under his real name Michael Turner, denies 12 charges, including five of rape.

The woman told Manchester Crown Court the actor had denied the allegations and said she must be "joking".

She added that when her daughter told her of the abuse, her life "exploded".

Mr Le Vell, of Hale, Greater Manchester, also faces three counts of indecent assault, two of causing a child to engage in sexual activity and two of sexual activity with a child.

The offences were allegedly committed between 2001 and 2010.

The girl's mother broke down in tears as she recalled the moment her daughter had told her of the allegations.

She said the girl had been "very calm" as she told her that she remembered "all the times he raped me".

'Special group'

Asked by prosecutor Eleanor Laws QC about when she confronted Mr Le Vell, the woman said she told him that the girl had "made an accusation [that] you raped her when she was younger".

"Before I finished that sentence he said, 'Oh you are joking. This is a joke. It's a joke. You are having a laugh'," she said.

Asked by Ms Laws what she thinks happened to her daughter, she replied: "I believe he (Le Vell) had molested and abused her on a regular basis and there have been a number of rapes."

Earlier, the girl gave her evidence from behind a screen at Manchester Crown Court.

Defending, Alisdair Williamson questioned the girl's story and motivations and accused her of lying.

Image caption The girl was asked if she had a "vendetta" against Mr Le Vell, which she denied

The defence lawyer said the girl had attended a motivational speech by a woman who had been raped at an early age and went onto rebuild her life.

He said the girl had come back from the talk "excited" and told her family she was "part of a special group now", which a relative had said was "weird".

"Is that what some of this is about? You heard this lady talking about how she was raped when she was very young and how she went on and became a model?" he asked.

"You want to become an actress or a dancer, is that right?"

'Vendetta' denied

The girl denied being excited by the woman's speech and said she no longer wanted to be an actor or a dancer.

The court heard that a case against Mr Le Vell had been dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service in 2011 and the girl had subsequently contacted the police with further allegations.

Breaking down in tears, she said the delay in reporting the offences was because she had "had a lot more flashbacks [and] I was very confused".

"What he did to me was so wrong. I was so young," she said.

Re-examining, Ms Laws asked the girl if Mr Le Vell had "done anything to cause you to make up these wicked lies" and if she had a "vendetta" against the actor.

The girl denied both claims and said she had made the allegations "because they are true".

The case continues.

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