Stranded cat rescued from 90ft viaduct in Stockport

The bridge on Chestergate in Stockport
Image caption The cat was spotted on the viaduct ledge on Wednesday
Cat rescued
Image caption The RSPCA is appealing for the cat's owner to come forward

A cat has been rescued after two nights stuck on a 90ft (27m) railway bridge.

The grey and white male, which had been stranded on the ledge of the viaduct since Wednesday, was brought to safety at about 12:00 GMT.

Firefighters, working with the RSPCA, brought the cat down from the bridge on Chestergate in Stockport.

The charity said the cat is not microchipped but was wearing a blue collar and appealed for its owner to contact them.

The cat was spotted on the viaduct ledge by a member of the public.

An RSPCA spokesman said: "It has been taken to RSPCA Greater Manchester Animal Hospital to be checked over by a vet and receive some TLC."

RSPCA inspector Heather Morris said the cat was wearing a "soft and velvety light blue collar with no bell".