Boys apologise for making rape and shooting hoax calls

Two boys who made up to 30 hoax calls - including a woman being raped, someone being shot and a man on fire - will be writing letters of apology.

The 12-year-olds from Levenshulme and Reddish in Greater Manchester will be contacting the emergency services after "admitting their guilt", police said.

The calls were made from mobiles between September and October 2014.

The pair will also be going on educational courses organised by the ambulance and fire service.

Police said the boys, who were with their parents, "showed genuine remorse" during a restorative justice meeting.

PC Lisa Valentine said: "Both these young boys realised how foolish they had been by making so many hoax calls to the emergency services.

"It was pointed out in no uncertain terms that their actions had potentially put people's lives at risk, forcing the emergency services to respond to their silly calls when they could have been out responding to genuine emergencies."

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