Manchester drugs dealer deliberately led police to his £100k cocaine stash

Gavin Kelly Image copyright GMP
Image caption Police said Gavin Kelly was also found with watches worth £29,000

A helpful drug dealer who led police to his £100,000 cocaine stash has been rewarded with a reduction in his eight-year prison sentence.

Police did not suspect Gavin Kelly, 36, when they bumped into him at the foot of his block of flats in Manchester.

When casually asked if there was anything unusual about the building, Kelly blurted out: "Yes, obviously, upstairs in the flat - the coke."

At the Court of Appeal in London, his term was cut to six-and-a-half years.

Greater Manchester Police were actually raiding another property in August 2016 when they came across Kelly in Rochdale Road, Blackley.

He then stunned the officers by making his impromptu confession.

Kelly even gave officers a tour of his flat, pointing out where he had hidden 1kg (2lb) of high purity cocaine and £70,000 in cash.

At Manchester Crown Court last October he admitted possessing cocaine with intent to supply and having criminal property.

He was sentenced to eight years, a term his lawyers argued was unduly harsh.

Despite the fact Kelly has previous convictions, including possession with intent to supply heroin and cocaine, judges agreed his unusual candour should be rewarded.

Judge Richard Griffith-Jones QC said: "We have concluded that, taking all the factors into account, the sentence should have been one of six years and six months."

Image copyright GMP
Image caption Kelly kept some of his money in shopping bags

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