Greater Manchester & Liverpool City Region: How will mayors affect you?

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Image caption Voters will choose mayors for Greater Manchester and the Liverpool City Region on 4 May

Voters in Greater Manchester and across the Liverpool City Region will choose their first elected mayors on 4 May.

It is part of a devolution deal that will give the regions more control over issues such as housing and transport.

The mayors will lead combined authorities of representatives from each of the existing local councils.

Ahead of the election, the BBC wants to know what you want from the new mayors and where you think their immediate priorities should lie.

What do you want to know about the candidates' plans in areas including housing and the economy?

  • We'll put a selection of your questions to the candidates and ask our political correspondents for their analysis
  • We'll also be inviting two people to attend each of the two televised debates
  • They will be recorded in Salford and Liverpool on 12 April and 18 April respectively
  • The programmes will be broadcast on 18 April and 20 April across the North West of England

You can also board the BBC News Listen Up bus, which will be travelling around the two regions.

It will arrive in Liverpool on 18 April to ask "What's the point of a mayor?"

On 24 April it will head up the M62 to Greater Manchester, to explore the topic "Can the mayor sort out healthcare?"

Image caption Ask your questions about the new mayor on board the BBC's Listen Up bus

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