Police shooting: PC says Anthony Grainger 'surrendered'

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Anthony Grainger was shot dead in 2012

An unarmed man had "surrendered" and had his hands up before he died, a firearms officer has told a public inquiry.

Anthony Grainger, 36 of Bolton, was shot in the chest during a Greater Manchester Police operation in Culcheth, Cheshire on 3 March 2012.

Giving evidence, Officer X7 agreed that from what he saw there was no reason to justify shooting the father-of-two.

Mr Grainger was shot through the windscreen of a stolen Audi.

Speaking from behind a curtain to ensure his anonymity, the firearms officer described pointing his gun at the 36-year-old who he said he raised his hands and surrendered when instructed to.

Earlier the inquiry heard evidence from an officer, known as Q9, who shot Mr Grainger dead and said he was "absolutely convinced" he had a gun when he pulled the trigger.

'Could not see'

Representing the family of Mr Grainger, Leslie Thomas QC asked X7, "if Anthony Grainger was complying with instructions - you couldn't see any reason while you were there to justify shooting [him]?"

X7, who was in the role of operational firearms commander on the day of the shooting and in charge of the operation on the ground, responded: "No sir".

The inquiry also heard evidence that Mr Grainger may have been shot while X7 was still running towards the car and before he could see what was happening.

Officer X7 had failed a specialist firearms training course shortly before the shooting when concerns were raised about his decision-making as he was becoming "overloaded when under pressure", the court heard.

Asked about those concerns, X7 said he believed this criticism was "unfair".

"I don't think it's correct," he said, adding, "I think I handle pressure very, very well."

The inquiry continues.

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