'Disruptive' stag parties kicked off Jet2 Prague flight

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Stags being escorted offImage source, Ailsa Illingworth
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Two stag party groups heading for Prague were being "loud" and "disruptive", passengers said

More than 20 people were removed from a flight at Manchester Airport amid reports of "disruptive" stag parties on board.

The Jet2 service had been due to leave for Prague in the Czech Republic at about 15:15 BST on Good Friday.

But its departure was delayed when the cabin crew called for police assistance

The airline apologised to affected customers and said it would "not let the behaviour of a disruptive few spoil the flight for everyone else".

A spokesman for the carrier said the Boeing had to return to the airport's parking stand shortly before its scheduled take-off.

Several passengers went on social media to describe the scene. One, Lauren Sian, said the group had been "damaging property, swearing and being disruptive" before they were escorted from the flight.

Ailsa Illingworth tweeted: "Stuck on the Tarmac at Manchester Airport as some idiot stags and their luggage are removed. Don't envy the jet2 staff at times like this."

Image source, Ailsa Illingworth
Image caption,
Some passenger were led off the Jet2 flight

Ms Illingworth, who is visiting a friend in Prague with her husband, told the BBC: "The stags were under the influence and being loud. It was only some members of each stag being disruptive. The majority of one group left, but I think a lot of the other stayed on.

"Staff were very good with the rest of the passengers, they were patient, friendly and handed out water.

"I think it is usually fun, but there is a line and these guys obviously crossed it. It was impacting on a lot of other travellers, and that's not fair. Staff shouldn't have to deal with the abuse either."

Image source, Dave Illingworth
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Police were called to Manchester Airport to help the plane's crew remove the passengers

The pilot announced he had a zero tolerance approach to anti-social behaviour towards the cabin crew and police spoke to the remaining stags about their behaviour before take off, Ms Illingworth added.

Jet 2 said police arrested one passenger while two others were "issued with public order offences".

"We apologise to all other customers for the inconvenience that this has caused at the start of their bank holiday weekend.

"However, as a family-friendly airline we will not let the behaviour of a disruptive few spoil the flight for everyone else."

The flight eventually departed at 17:57 - a delay of more than two hours.

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