Your tributes to BBC presenter Dianne Oxberry

Gordon Burns and Dianne oxberry
Image caption Dianne Oxberry and Gordon Burns were much-loved presenters on BBC North West Tonight

Tributes have been pouring in for BBC weather presenter Dianne Oxberry who has died from cancer at the age of 51.

She rose to fame when she was on Radio 1 working alongside Simon Mayo and Steve Wright in the 1990s and hosting The 8:15 from Manchester Saturday show.

She became a much-loved broadcasting institution in northwest England, where she presented the weather forecast from 1995 until December last year.

Viewers and listeners have been paying tribute to Oxberry's warm personality.

Dom Mellonie on Twitter

From listening to her with Simon Mayo on Radio 1 to watching her most evenings on North West Tonight, I'm very saddened to hear of Dianne's passing. She will be missed by many of us but special thoughts to her immediate family.

Steven Brown, via Facebook

I did cry this morning for some strange reason. It's not something I do when a TV personality passes away. But I guess Dianne had more of an effect on me than I thought. Her warmth transmitted through the TV and radio. That is a gift that can't be taught... Thank you for being there.

Image caption She first appeared on North West Tonight in 1995

Helen Biddle, via email

Such sad news today. [Dianne] was part of our lounge furniture.

I will always remember seeing her competing in the dressage classes in the Nantwich show. It was a very, very wet day and we all looked like drowned rats but Dianne was immaculate, posed and beautiful. RIP Dianne

Jan Green, Cheshire

I met Dianne a couple of times, she was charming. Loved her outfits and was a pleasure to watch her weather reports .... very sad news.

Image caption Oxberry, pictured here in Cumbria, also presented Inside Out North West

Phillipa Brazendale, via Facebook

Sat here in tears. Met Dianne through walking the dogs. Never too important to stop and chat, to make a fuss over everyone's dogs. Will be truly missed by so, so many people. God speed xx.

Gina Garvey, via email

I am so sorry to hear about Dianne's death.

Dianne put my dad's name on the weather map (Don Garvey) after my brother Guy told Tony Livesey that dad was a fan of Dianne's.

We lost dad last year and we've loved the idea that (for us at least) he'll always be linked with the BBC map of the region - Dianne did that and that was thoughtful.

Image caption Comedian Peter Kay once interrupted a weather report to tell Oxberry she "made the sun shine for everybody"

Mike Garnett, from Oldham

Like so many others, I am numbed this morning. I never met Dianne but she has become over the last 20+ years not just a weather presenter but a familiar, cheerful face making my evenings feel better whatever the news she might have been bringing. Latterly her work on Inside Out North West showed another side of her caring, inquiring personality.

She always looked so lovely with it, too.

To think that an integral part of my viewing life has now gone is almost impossible to come to terms with. I know I will not be the first, nor the last, to say this, but it is honestly felt - I am saddened beyond words but the memories, her smile, her voice, her professionalism will remain with me.

Zack Kerr, on Twitter

Zack met Dianne for an Inside Out report that led to more disabled toilet facilities at motorway service stations. He posted a photo of himself with the presenter.

Adrian Long, Freckleton, Lancashire

For @BBCNWT viewers this genuinely feels like the sudden loss of a dear friend. A graceful, professional, witty and warm presence in our homes for over 20 years.

Terry Slocombe, via email

So very sorry to hear the sad news of Dianne Oxberry - a wonderful person and presenter who always got it right with the weather. She believed what she said and it happened.

I sent her a card at times, for being so accurate, kept me dry on my lollypop patrol. She was part of our family and [it must be] heart breaking for her family.

God Bless Dianne and Thank You.

Image caption More than 500,000 viewers regularly watched Dianne and the North West Tonight team, including (left to right) Richard Askam, Roger Johnson and Annabel Tiffin

Trish Spillane, via email

As viewers, we can't claim to really know her, but she's often been mentioned in my daily telephone conversation with my elderly mother (no weathers apps for her).

Mum: "What's the weather gonna be like tomorrow?"

Me: "Well Dianne said..."

She was a genuine part of lives - as such her death has shocked me. How must it feel for her family.

Kevin Hey, via email

One summer school holiday, when my daughter was at high school, she and three of her chums set off on a cycling adventure to Wycoller - a journey of a couple of miles.

It was a blisteringly hot summer day and when they reached the village they were "all-in".

Dianne Oxberry was there with the BBC and she'd just bought an ice cream for herself but when she saw the girls she went back into the shop and came out with four ice creams for them!

I remember to this day my daughter and her chums returning home and describing the day as "mega" (which was high praise indeed), and all on account of kindness from Dianne.

From that day onwards, I fell in love with Dianne Oxberry.

I am very sad to hear of her passing. My heartfelt sympathy to all at NWT.

Image caption Dianne Oxberry, Ross King and Charlotte Hindle presented The 8.15 from Manchester in the 90s

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