Real Housewives' free meal request slammed by Covino

Rachel Lugo and Dawn Ward Image copyright Dave J Hogan/Getty Images
Image caption The email was sent by a representative of Rachel Lugo and Dawn Ward (pictured) and Perla Navia

A restaurant has branded a request from the TV show Real Housewives of Cheshire for a free meal as an "insult".

Covino in Chester tweeted an email on Tuesday sent on behalf of Dawn Ward, Rachel Lugo and Perla Navia.

It asked for a complimentary dinner in exchange for social media posts by the stars promoting the restaurant. The venue responded on Twitter with a vomit emoji, which went viral.

ITV, which makes the show, is yet to comment.

Owner Chris Laidler posted a screenshot of the request sent on Monday by a representative of the show, which follows the lives of wealthy women in Cheshire.

"I'd never heard of them but after watching an episode of the show I'm not shocked. I'm glad I exposed their behaviour... but they won't be the only celebrities doing it," he said.

He described the request as an "insult to paying customers who spend hard-earned cash here".

He added: "My mum and dad pay full prices so I'm not giving them free grub."

Image copyright Sam Ryley, Canteen Create
Image caption Chris Laidler (centre) said they will not be the only celebrities asking for freebies in exchange for social media posts

Mr Laidler said the viral post had been "the best emoji I've ever sent".

"We've had loads of bookings and gained about 500 new followers on Twitter."

He was not tempted by promotion on the trio's social media accounts and added: "It is meaningless what they think of my restaurant."

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People on social media have praised the restaurant's response. Stockport photographer Katherine MacFarlane tweeted that the reality stars were "absolutely shameless".

"As a small business I get asked to do jobs for free as it will be 'good exposure'. Glad you stayed strong!"

While Christian Jones responded by urging the restaurant to "bar the scruffs" for the "begging letter to a small business so millionaires can have a free dinner".

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