Emergency operation for boy with tongue in bottle lid

Claire Wooff and son Riley Image copyright Claire Wooff
Image caption Riley Wooff's tongue began to swell up after becoming trapped in the bottle lid

A six-year-old boy who got his tongue stuck in the lid of a plastic water bottle needed surgery to remove it.

Riley Wooff was drinking from the pink-topped container in the back of the family car when he began panicking.

His mother Claire Wooff stopped the car but could not free her son's tongue, so drove straight to a hospital.

The 33-year-old, from Carnforth, called on Sainsbury's to recall the bottle. The supermarket said it was investigating the "isolated incident".

She described the ordeal as "the scariest day of our lives", as surgeons carefully removed the lid from her son's swollen tongue at Lancaster Royal Infirmary.

Riley had to be sedated during the overnight procedure and was left with a temporary speech impediment.

"That was when it became frightening," Ms Wooff said.

Image copyright Claire Wooff
Image caption Sainsbury's is looking into the incident involving the bottle, which was purchased from the supermarket

"Doctors said when they took the lid off there was a risk his airways could have closed, and they were worried about the build-up of blood in his tongue.

"He's back to his usual bonkers self and is running around again, although he has had nightmares.

"We have just been left thinking about what could have happened."

A Sainsbury's spokesman said: "We are investigating this isolated incident with our supplier and wish Riley a speedy recovery."

Image copyright Claire Wooff
Image caption Claire Wooff says her son has since made a full recovery

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