Estate agent fights off three masked burglars in Rochdale home

image copyrightAsif Ali
image captionAsif Ali started punching the intruders

An estate agent fought off a gang of masked men who broke into his home, forcing the gang to flee.

Asif Ali, 35, was working in his kitchen in Rochdale at about 21:15 BST on Tuesday when he saw a man dressed in black in his living room.

CCTV footage shows him grappling in turn with the burglars before chasing after them with a kitchen knife.

Mr Ali said: "I wasn't scared, I was just angry. I guess the adrenaline kicked in."

Mr Ali said he acted on instinct when he saw the first man in his house.

"I started punching him and I think I might have broken his nose," he said.

image copyrightAsif Ali
image captionAsif Ali said he acted to protect his wife Charlotte, 30, who was upstairs in bed

"I then saw a second man heading towards the stairs - I flew at him because my wife was upstairs in bed."

A third man appeared and he ended up fighting them all as he tried to force the intruders out of the house. A fourth man was waiting outside the front door.

Mr Ali said: "My wife doesn't want to live here - she is very shaken. She is staying with family at the moment but I am not going to be scared off by this. I am very angry."

Greater Manchester Police has been contacted for a comment.

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