Cats on Merseyside suffer anti-freeze poisoning

Cats on Merseyside have become victims of a spate of anti-freeze poisonings, the RSPCA has warned.

An inspector has dealt with two suspected poisonings and received reports from vets about other deaths.

Carla Hay said that while there was no evidence to link the killings it was "always a concern" to hear of suspected similar poisonings.

Ms Hay said anti-freeze caused cats to suffer kidney failure, which could lead to a "horrible death".

She added: "I've had two cases, one in Haydock and one in Burtonwood, where it appears the cats have died from anti-freeze poisoning.

'Humane methods'

"It is extremely worrying to hear from other vets in the St Helen's area that they have also come across similar cases.

"Anti-freeze poisoning can lead to a horrible death unless the cat is treated by a vet quickly.

"I appreciate people might not want cats on their gardens, but there are plenty of humane methods to keep them away.

"It may be that these cats have been poisoned accidentally, but if someone has done it deliberately it is unacceptable, not to mention illegal."

She urged owners who fear their cats may have swallowed anti-freeze to seek help immediately.

Deliberately poisoning a pet can lead to a six-month jail sentence and a £20,000 fine.

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