Murder victims in photograph exhibition in Liverpool

Image caption, One picture shows a daughter who was murdered in 2004, four years after the killing of her brother

An exhibition highlighting the loss felt by those who have experienced the murder of a loved one has opened in Liverpool.

The collection of images, called the Aftermath, is on display at the city's Anglican Cathedral.

The Families Fighting For Justice Group has created the gallery, by providing black and white photographs of their homes without their loved one.

"We want to explain how it feels," Jean Taylor, the group's founder said.

Candles and teddy bears feature in one of the 17 photographs, a mother's way of saying what she has left after her baby was murdered.

'Media frenzy'

Portraits of Mrs Taylor's late children are in another.

Her son, Stephen, was killed in 2000 and her daughter, Chantel, was murdered in 2004.

The framed photographs of her children are on the floor - she says she can no longer have them on the wall because she sees them as she walks past and gets a searing pain of grief inside her.

The grandmother, from Wirral, said: "Murders are often very high profile, so the public get to hear about what has happened and how atrocious our loved ones' deaths were.

"But then, when the court case is finished and media frenzy is over, we have to go back to our homes without our sons, daughters, loved ones.

"We wanted to try and show how that feels."

The exhibition, which depicts the pain felt by families of murder and manslaughter victims, will run until 30 August.

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