Chester Zoo's dwarf mongoose pups emerge from enclosure

Dwarf Mongoose pups

Two dwarf mongoose pups born at Chester Zoo have made their first scuttling steps into the outside world.

The tiny creatures, which are described as the size of a chocolate bar, were spotted enjoying the September sun.

Squeaks were first heard inside the enclosure last month but the pups were not seen until they ventured into their enclosure earlier this week.

Keepers said Dwarf Mongoose Pups are the smallest of all African carnivores and normally deliver one to six pups.

According to the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), the dwarf mongoose is the smallest of the African mongooses.

It feeds on mice, locusts and meal worms and normally lives to about 10 years old and can grow up to 30cm (12ins) long.

The adult pair have been at Chester Zoo since 2009 and were moved to the Mongoose Mania enclosure in March.

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