Merseyside man and teenager awarded for bravery

Danny Nelson
Image caption Danny Nelson was attacked while helping a man in Liverpool

A man and a teenager from Merseyside have been given bravery awards at a national police ceremony.

Danny Nelson, 15, and Derek Mozeley, 63, both received National Public Bravery Awards from the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).

The teenager received a gold award for helping an elderly man who was being racially abused and assaulted.

Mr Mozeley received a silver award for his bravery in detaining a gun man in Birkenhead.

The annual awards recognise members of the public for actions which support the police in preserving law and order.

Danny Nelson went to the aid of a man being attacked by two men and a woman on Berry Street in Liverpool in September 2010.

He got off a bus when he saw the victim being attacked and intervened, becoming the target of their violence himself.

He was assaulted by the woman and one of the men and suffered a four-inch wound to his face.

He becomes the youngest person to ever receive a public bravery award.

Image caption Derek Mozeley received a silver award for detaining a gunman in Birkenhead

Mr Mozeley tackled a gunman in July 2010 who was threatening drivers in Birkenhead.

Merseyside police Chief Constable Jon Murphy said: "Danny and Derek were both willing to risk their own safety for others and I am really pleased to see them recognised for their brave actions.

"While the vast majority of us live peacefully and without ever even witnessing a criminal incident there will on occasion be times when something out of the ordinary happens, violence erupts out of nowhere, and it is the extraordinary people like Danny and Derek who act altruistically to save others.

"Merseyside is a better place for its residents like Danny and Derek and I would like to thank them for their bravery and courage when faced with the criminality of others."

Honorary Awards Secretary Chief Constable Meredydd Hughes added: "These awards give the police service the opportunity to formally acknowledge those altruistic people who have intervened to help others when the worst in society crossed their path.

"Each and every day, police forces rely on members of the public to support them in maintaining law and order."

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