Liverpool woman delivers girl alone on sofa

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Media captionA Liverpool woman describes the moment she delivered her baby daughter at home on her own

A Liverpool woman delivered her baby daughter at home on her own when she went into labour two weeks early.

Clare Callaghan, 33, from Fazakerly, had gone for a lie down on the living room sofa when she felt the contractions start last Friday morning.

Unable to contact her family or friends, she called for an ambulance and was talked through the birth on the phone.

Pippa, her third child, was born safe and well weighing 5lbs 4oz (2.4kg).

Mrs Callaghan had just taken her two sons James, 12, and Daniel, six, to school when she lay down for a nap.

'Bit of a shock'

"When I woke up that's when the pain started.

"It just all happened in 10 minutes.

"I came downstairs, had another sharp pain and phoned my friend. She just said 'make sure you time your pains', and with that I had another sharp pain and I just knew.

"I knew I was going to have this baby any minute.

"When the pain came, I had to lie down because it was so severe, and the lady who answered on the phone, I think just speaking to her on the phone made me panic more, and that's when I wanted to push.

"It all just happened really quick, in 10 minutes it was all over.

"It was all a bit of a shock but the lady on the phone was brilliant."

Mrs Callaghan said she wrapped the baby in a throw from the sofa which she wrapped around Pippa to keep her warm.

Less than 10 minutes later an ambulance arrived and took mother and baby to Liverpool Women's Hospital, where they stayed overnight for observation.

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