Liverpool elected mayor 2012: Candidates announced

The final list of candidates for the upcoming Liverpool mayoral elections has been released by the city council.

Voting for Liverpool's first directly elected mayor is to take place on Thursday, 3 May.

Listed in alphabetical order by surname, the confirmed candidates are:


Image caption Joe Anderson

Mr Anderson is leader of the Labour Party in Liverpool and head of the Liverpool City Council.

"As Labour mayor of Liverpool I pledge to create a brighter and more prosperous city. I will build 12 new schools, create 20,000 new jobs, build 5,000 new homes and transform Liverpool into one of the most business and enterprise-friendly cities in the UK.

I will deliver a new sense of civic pride, making our city cleaner, greener and healthier. Young people will be at the heart of my campaign because the future of our city depends on them.

I will also fight for a city which cares for its most vulnerable citizens. I will make Liverpool a 'can-do' city in which we can all be proud; an international beacon of enterprise, culture, learning and sport.

Our best days lie ahead of us. Liverpool can be a greater and more prosperous city than ever before. That's my vision for Liverpool. Together we can make that vision a reality."


Image caption Jeff Berman

Mr Berman is an inventor and entrepreneur.

"I am standing on a social, commercial and independent, non-political platform. My aim is to support small businesses and provide low-cost premises in some of the many vacant buildings.

I will establish community centres providing a vibrant focus for leisure, learning and training across the city and free parking on Sundays benefiting local businesses and encouraging tourism.

Visitors and residents will enjoy our city in a more relaxed atmosphere.

The mayor's job is to run the city of Liverpool in an efficient and business-like manner. I have no political axe to grind and make decisions and take action independently of party politics."


Image caption Tony Caldeira

Mr Caldeira is a Liverpool businessman who founded international textile company Caldeira.

"I will grow Liverpool's economy and create more jobs by using my business experience to help Liverpool's business community, by freezing business rates for four years and creating Mayoral Enterprise Zones.

I will put more police on our streets and reduce crime. I will improve council services and freeze council tax. I will make Liverpool a cleaner, greener, safer city.

I will work with investors on schemes such as Liverpool Waters and the Cruise Liner Turnaround Facility. I will work with the Hillsborough Campaign to bring justice for the 96. I will promote free schools and academies.

I will create a global transport hub in Liverpool by linking the Merseyrail and national rail networks with Liverpool John Lennon Airport and rebranding the station 'Liverpool International'."


Image caption John Coyne

Mr Coyne is Liverpool's first Green Party councillor, representing St Michael's ward.

"We will create jobs, particularly low-carbon jobs that will not cost the earth.

We are promoting local resilience - keeping more of our money circulating here.

We want better public transport, traffic reduction and slower speeds and safe streets for cycling and walking.

We will restore local centres with thriving independent shops, provide new insulation for old houses and create a more equal city, scaling back highest pay rates. Liverpool will be a city that we are proud to share."


Image caption Liam Fogarty

Mr Fogarty is a former BBC editor and one of the first campaigners for an elected mayor.

"My 10 big ideas include making a 'people's mayor' promoting all forms of citizen involvement. Make Liverpool an enterprise capital. Create a citywide mentoring and personal financial education for every school pupil. Have a pool of volunteers based on New York's 'impact volunteering'.

Sort out the city's northern areas and reconnect them with the Mersey riverfront. Create a Liverpool space programme including community takeovers of unused council-owned property.

Start linking the city with its thriving but often separate student life. Establish a Liverpool Expo international exhibition in 2020 or 2022.

Have a better deal for visitors with 'street helpers', free training for 'welcoming' jobs such as taxi-driving and traffic wardens and £1-a-night hotel levy to pay for it all. Create a Bay Area, like in San Francisco."


Image caption Adam Heatherington

Mr Heatherington is an IT consultant.

"I would aim to lead this city fully accountable to every citizen and would fight for them to keep the services they deserve along with promoting economic growth and bringing jobs, particularly in the construction industry.

If elected as mayor I would allow local people referenda on issues of local importance. I would encourage full transparency and openness in the council and provide a value added service.

To help the economy I advocate cutting taxes and red tape that are hampering small businesses, and I believe in abolishing the tax on work - employers' National Insurance.

I will work to safeguard services, including our police force, keep Sure Start Centres open, reintroduce school uniform grants and provide adult learning courses for the unemployed and OAPs and uphold Lifelong Learning."


Image caption Richard Kemp

Mr Kemp CBE is the deputy leader of the Liverpool Liberal Democrats.

"I aim to make Liverpool Europe's 'green capital', to establish a new investment vehicle for local companies, to involve immigrant communities in establishing trading links with their former homes.

I would also create a new company to assist develop research ideas from the universities and to create partnerships with communities using new powers in the Localism Act.

For nearly seven years, I was leader of the Lib Dem councillors of England and Wales until I stepped down last year and I am now leader for the Local Government Association on European and international affairs."

My wife Erica is also a councillor and we have three children and a grandchild."


Image caption Tony Mulhearn

Mr Mulhearn was president of the Liverpool district Labour Party during the 1980s.

"As a lifelong trade unionist and socialist I am proudly standing on the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition programme. The bankers triggered this crisis, workers shouldn't pay.

I demand we save our children's and youth services and re-introduce £30 per week Education Maintenance Allowance for all sixth-form and college students.

I demand we reverse cuts made by the council last year and this, end privatisation, bring outsourced and privatised services back in-house.

We demand a local referendum on the government's NHS privatisation plans and a huge campaign defending the NHS and to end marketisation of education."


Image caption Steve Radford

Mr Radford is leader of the Liberal Party.

"I believe I can combine my 30 years of experience as a Liverpool city councillor with over 30 years as a personnel manager for a major international telecommunications company to ensure our city attracts major employment opportunities to our five new business zones.

And that we can add to our city's prosperity by being a global trading port."


Image caption Paul Rimmer

"I think Liverpool has been let down in the past, because previous leaders have been too willing to serve the party machine, and not the people.

I will not be tied to any party manifesto, but will listen to the concerns of the people. We need to keep local tax down, and I intend to cut the council tax.

A top priority will be action on Anfield - we need a new super-stadium for both football clubs in the city. The time for action is now.

As leader of the city, I would demand that Fenway group respond to the fans, and I will work with them to put a package in place to finance the new stadium. The north end of the city has been neglected, and the redevelopment of Anfield will be the catalyst to rebalancing the city."


Mr Quiggins is the former owner of shopping complex Quiggins. If elected, he would:

"Rename Merseyside Greater Liverpool to advance us on the national and world stage.

Prioritise social housing and terminate the contracts of private bailiffs hired by the council.

Abolish tunnel toll charges, restore free parking and introduce subsidised shuttle bus rides for easy city access.

Remove public funding from so-called 'festivals' and promote British family and youth festivals.

Promote small cottage, craft, art and micro-industries in the city.

Shut down the Slave Museum and open up an English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh museum of unity and pride.

Favour communities over the big fat cat developers, reconsider existing proposals."


Image caption Mike Whitby

Mike Whitby is a marketing consultant.

"I will campaign for free parking to encourage shopping and invest in building our local economy, to help provide jobs for local people. I will also investigate free Mersey tunnel travel.

I will encourage everyone to buy British goods.

I will bring investment into Liverpool by showing businesses what a fantastic investment it is - but I will make it very clear to everyone that Liverpool is not for sale.

I will oppose mass immigration and I will make sure that pensioners receive the best quality of service they deserve. I will put local families first."

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